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What is Rehash

Literally, REHASH means ‘an arrangement of ideas, pieces of writing or pieces of films into a new form but without any great change or improvement’(Oxford Dictionary). The naming implies the production of the same old – rather improved goods and supplies to meet the demand of modern garments.



To provide an one-stop solution in the field of sourcing apparel accessories through innovative and eco-friendly efforts maintaining world-class quality in order to bring satisfaction to our consumers.


To pursue excellence in manufacturing apparel accessories for achieving the confidence of global, diversified and multinational brands.

Our Values

To our customers we offer

  • A commitment to providing the best quality product and delivery in time.
  • Producing the best quality leather patches and garments accessories.
  • Quick response to our valued customers in terms of product development.

To our employees we offer

  • A good working environment.
  • Encouraging for teamwork.
  • Providing educational training for career development


With a vision of expanding the product range, the company has recently built its own factory over an area of around 1500 square meter in Tongi Industrial Area. A good number of machinery has been incorporated to build the capability of producing a wide range of products that would provide an one-stop solution to the customers. At present, the company can produce Total 30 workers are involved in the line production process who operate a total number of 10 major and few other minor machines. Each major machine is able to produce around 5000 products of average size each day. The company also takes utmost care on timely delivery and quality control of its products up to the satisfaction level of the customers.


Garments based economy has become the prime mover of the economy of Bangladesh today. With its expansion, the sourcing of garments accessories has become a very sophisticated and competitive issue. Hence, maintaining the quality and timely delivery of the products are major concerns of the owners of the garments today. Keeping this in view, REHASH ACCESSORIES & SOURCING LTD has been designed to meet the demands of fast and accurate supplies of modern garments accessories.

REHASH ACCESSORIES & SOURCING LTD is an outcome of a long and relentless hard-work. The efforts began with the indigenous research and development process. With those efforts, the then SHARIF ENTERPRISE had been satisfying a good number of customers for a long 8 years. REHASH ACCESSORIES & SOURCING LTD is a new approach towards a complete apparel accessories sourcing solution where the valued customers can get a complete package of their required supplies within the stipulated time.



Name -- MD Moniruzzaman Khan

Designation -- Managing Director

Name -- Sumiya Akhter choity

Designation -- Management (Director)

Name -- Sharif Mohammad Abdullah

Designation -- Marketing (Director)

Our Products

Certification and Compliance

The company has achieved a number of certifications from world class organizations which are mentioned below:

Oeko-Tex Certificate Standard 100, Class 1, on PU Leather Patch

Oeko-Tex Certificate Standard 100, Class 1, on PU Leather Patch

Oeko-Tex Certificate on PU Leather Standard

Oeko-Tex Certificate on PU Leather Standard

Oeko-Tex Certificate Standard 100, Class 1, on PU Leather Patch

Oeko-Tex Certificate Standard 100, Class 1, on PU Leather Patch

Future Plan

With the global trend of Sustainable Development, the company plans to maintain a consistent growth by earning the confidence of international class buyers. The company also dreams to build a recognized ‘Green Factory’ in continuation of developing the trust of its customers.


Building Safety

The factory building is designed with sufficient fire safety, lightening protector etc. For fire safety, regular training on the use of fire extinguishers and evacuation plan are provided to the workers. Adequate fire exits have also been considered in the building design. The factory is also built with adequate light and ventilation facilities


The workers have adequate access to purified water and sanitation facilities. They also enjoy regular health check from nearby clinics, and they have been medically insured as per the instruction of BGPMEA and code of conduct of Social compliance.

Working Conditions

We treat all our workers with respect and dignity and encourage all management, staff and worker – developing lawful, friendly and healthy workplace. The company does not use corporal punishment or any other form of physical or psychological coercion. Common dining, prayers, games/sports and various social activities are conducted regularly to build a cohesive and friendly environment for the workers. Adequate cleanliness is maintained in and around the workplace to provide a hygienic working environment to the workers.

Exemption of Child Labor

Child labor is forbidden as defined by the ILO and United Nations conventions and/or by National Law. No person irrespective of male or female gender who has not completed 14 years of age are not allowed to recruit and employ of any nature of job.

Environmental Issues

Our company is firmly committed to comply with all relevant/applicable environmental legislation of Bangladesh Government to ensure environmental protection in the process of using raw materials, manufacturing products and discharging wastes. The company follows the guidelines and standard methods of various aspects of the environmental conservation and rules of the concerned regulatory bodies. It does not only avoids carbon emission, but also all the chemical wastes are disposed off in accordance with local environmental laws. Various wastes of the manufactured products are sold to other manufacturers as a part of recycling process. Thus, the company ensures negligible damage to the environment as well as sets examples to inspire other manufacturers to care for the environment.

Safety in Operation and First Aid

Workers are briefed regularly about safety in operation, and they are closely monitored by supervisors while employed in machine operation. In addition, appropriate aprons and uniforms are provided to the workers for safety in work. Adequate first aid kits are stored in accessible areas of the factory and regular briefing is given on their use.


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